About Us

Looking after our Parks and Open Spaces

In July 2019 over 20 Friends of Parks groups in Barnet came together to form the Barnet Friends of Green Spaces Network. Now we are over 40 groups strong, and we work together, including with the Council, to promote and support all Parks and greenspaces In Barnet.

Barnet has over 200 green spaces covering more than 800 hectares.

Do you value your local park or green space? Do you want to see improvements there, and more people using it? Do you think it should be looked after properly? If so, why not get together with other users to form a local Friends group!  Just as our neighbourhoods need residents’ groups and associations, so our parks need ‘Friends’! It’s all about taking collective responsibility for our local facilities and our areas and working together to improve where we live. Together we are stronger.

You won’t be alone. Across London there are some 700 groups and nationally over 5000 groups.

The Barnet Friends of Green Spaces Network supports and advises new groups. We act as an information exchange for good practice for local groups. It gives us a forum to discuss matters of common concern and work with Council officers and Councillors to get things done.  We discuss and exchange practical ideas on all issues affecting parks and open spaces from the provision of pitches and sports to playgrounds, biodiversity, food growing and wildlife. We think about flooding and climate change and the ways that our parks can be adapted to help tackle these issues. We look at funding possibilities for bulb and tree planting, support litter picking and gardening groups. Indeed, anything connected with parks and open spaces and the Network will try and find solutions with the Council to any problems and propose improvements.

Roger Chapman, Chair of the Network said, “Our meetings have included discussions with international play experts, the role that clean rivers and streams need to play in our open spaces, the need for more trees, increased biodiversity, funding and protection and expansion of green spaces.”

Contact us: barnetgsnetwork@gmail.com